Website Design is a total blast, and a much desired addition for the majority of my clients. I specialize in building sites in WordPress. Because I work with clients from start to finish, it’s important to be able to offer this service and have the websites meet the unique needs my clients present. It’s a pleasure to fit my client’s branding into a website, and launch it across the many platforms people use!

Client: Herb and Myth Organic Skincare

Challenge: Sarita was looking to leave Etsy, and move to Shopify with the hopes to increase her sales.

Solution: We worked with Shopify to choose the correct plugins that would help with our goals. I designed the site in categories to help the viewer find exactly what they are looking for. With this new website, and the new labels I created, Sarita was able to increase her sales by 32% in the first 3 months!
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Client: Phil Quinn | Medium • Life Guide

Challenge: Phil wanted to create a very basic, user friendly site for his older customers to be able to use.

Solution: For this site, we kept the graphics simple and easy to read, kept the organization of the site as simple as possible, and added some nice features like streaming his Facebook Live talks directly to a page on his website.
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Client: Diane Marks : Printmaker

Challenge: Diane wanted to build a website that would present her artwork in a fresh, clean layout to appeal to potential buyers.

Solution: I created a site where we posted high quality photos of her work, with a minimal background so the pieces would pop!
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Client: Gregory Jamiel Yoga

Challenge: I wanted to create a website where my clients could come and book work with me, learn more from my blog, and increase attendance at my tours.

Solution: I incorporated lots of imagery and colors that reinforced my brand, and expressed my personality. People are able to book appointments with me directly through the website, and I was able to drive traffic and subscribers to my YouTube channel as well!
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