I feel social media marketing is one of the most fun & powerful pieces of marketing. You can use social media to reinforce your brand’s image, your beliefs, and your products…and you can interact directly with your potential clients and develop a relationship with them on your various platforms. Social media marketing is meant to be fun, engaging, and fast paced and is one of my favorite platforms to work in!

Project: Gregory Jamiel Yoga

Challenge: Create dynamic social media advertisement that reinforced my brand and would drive people to register for my events.

Solution: I incorporated bright, vibrant colors, and beautiful images that were inviting, and accessible to potential students regardless of where they were in the world. Social media marketing played a huge role in the success of this International Yoga Tour.

Project: Suzi Zobrist : Root Medicine Healing

Challenge: Create a social media toolkit to reinforce Suzi’s color pallet, theme, and message with her social media posts.

Solution: I chose to go with a cranberry, salmon and white color pallet that served as a wonderful backdrop to use for quotes and photos. This color pallet and branding is also incorporated into her online videos, powerpoint presentations and website.

Project: Two Rivers Yoga

Challenge: Come up with visually exciting ads for social media to promote upcoming events at Two Rivers Yoga.

Solution: By weaving bright colors, and local photographs of the yoga studio and surrounding areas, we have created a social media package that is not only exciting for the studio members, but encourages people in the community to come out and visit the studio, eventually turning into clients.