Print design is the foundation of what I do. It’s how I start every project, regardless if it is a show open or a business card, it all begins with a sketch on paper. Building on my end to end offerings for clients, my print design typically incorporates pieces of the client’s branding which is seen not only in print, but online, in social media, and of course in videos as well.


Project: Feral Fungi Spagyric Tincture Labels

Challenge: To create visually appealing labels for these mushroom tinctures.

Solution: I incorporated bright colors, printed on metallic labels and used spot printing to focus the attention on important things like the name, and supplement info box. I designed the 7 planetary labels, and 5 unique blends, as well as the packaging the set comes in.

Project: Herb and Myth Organic Skincare Product Labels

Challenge: To update the look and feel of current labels to be more youthful, and unique.

Solution: I incorporated flat, minimal icons on the top of each label, and used a unique font for each name, while keeping the rest of the copy the same as in the rest of their branding. We printed these on metallic paper, and used spot printing to block out certain areas which would not be metallic to bring the focus where we intended it to be.

Project: Bayou Some Cajun : Food Truck

Challenge: To create a fun, minimal graphic that would illustrate the main ingredient in this Cajun Food Truck’s recipes.

Solution: I love working with flat colors, and graphic images. The client wanted to only use red, black, and white for the branding. This motif will be incorporated in all other promotional pieces like the menu, website, and employee uniforms.