Haunted Attractions

The Bella’s Family of Businesses decided to convert one of their warehouses in Kennewick, WA into an entertainment complex with rotating seasonal events. Frightmare was the debut event for this venue.

I was responsible for creating the entire look and feel of the marketing and branding, as well as managing the Event Staff who worked this event. This project was an opportunity to try new marketing efforts like partnering with a local business to design their pizza boxes; airing a promo in all movie theaters in the area, and on online through various video streaming platforms.


Creative Direction • Project Management • Logo Design • Motion Design • Web Design • Print Design • Social Media


5500 Attendees over 8 days


Honey Dog Productions

Creative Pieces for Frightmare Haunted Attractions

Creative for Frightmare

I filmed and edited this promo to run on all platforms the final week Frightmare was open which contributed to our final week’s bump in ticket sales.

I filmed and edited this promo with my nephew and his best friend to promote Wicked Hollow, one of two haunts at Frightmare Haunted Attractions.

I designed and composited this promo to air in all local movie theaters before the main feature, as well as on online streaming platforms.

We decided to go for a more vintage look and feel for our haunts which helped us stand out from the crowd when it came to online ads.

We partnered with Tri-Cities pizza giant, Rocco’s Pizza, printing 4200 pizza boxes with a discount code to help spread the word about Frightmare.

I created four tee and sweatshirt designs, including the vintage Scaredy Cats Club, which became big sellers and successful marketing tools.