Bella’s Global Solutions

The Bella’s Family of Businesses asked me to not only create all aspects of this supply chain business’ marketing and branding, but to manage this division completely. I was the Director of Operations for Bella’s Global Solutions and under my management we fulfilled major contracts with international clients while the Pacific Northwest ports were congested.


Creative Direction • Project Management • Logo Design • Motion Design • Web Design • Print Design • Social Media


We created a successful business opportunity while the Tacoma and Seattle were congested


Bella’s Family of Businesses

Creative for Bella’s Global Solutions

Creative for Bella’s Global Solutions

I wrote, voiced and edited this promo to run on all platforms to build brand recognition, reach new clients and bring in new business.

I filmed and edited this promo with my nephew and his best friend to promote Wicked Hollow, one of two haunts at Frightmare Haunted Attractions.

I designed and composited this promo to air in all local movie theaters before the main feature, as well as on online streaming platforms.

We decided to go for a more vintage look and feel for our haunts which helped us stand out from the crowd when it came to online ads.

We partnered with Tri-Cities pizza giant, Rocco’s Pizza, printing 4200 pizza boxes with a discount code to help spread the word about Frightmare.

I created four tee and sweatshirt designs, including the vintage Scaredy Cats Club, which became big sellers and successful marketing tools.