My love of motion design started as a child when I went to a summer program sponsored by RISD (the Rhode Island School of Design). We designed sculptures inspired by the ocean, and to me, the rhythmic movement of the waves always made me feel at safe, relaxed, and at home. After college, I began working at a TV station where my job of creating motion graphics allowed me to explore the limitless reaches of my creativity. Anything was possible! Designing over time… incorporating music, video, special effects, and typography allowed me to fully express feelings in a powerful way that hooked me in and hasn’t let go yet!

Project: Sizzle Reel for ‘Explore & Exhale’

Challenge: To create a piece that would spark excitement, and encourage people to want to learn more about my show.

Solution: I incorporated quick cuts, dynamic music, and captivating video footage in between short clips from various show segments.

Project: Safeco Insurance Video to Open Conference

Challenge: We were asked to make a movie trailer feeling video to get the Independent Agents of Safeco Insurance excited and energized, while demonstrating the ways Safeco stands out when it comes to supporting the local agents.

Solution: We went for the movie trailer head on and hoped to reference main competitors like Geico & Progressive to get the crowd energized, then followed up with interviewed testimonials from local agents speaking on all the benefits they have experienced from working with Safeco.

Project: Promo for ‘Courageous Evolution’

Challenge: We wanted to make a short promo that would educate viewers what our 7 day program included and hope to drive traffic to our website.

Solution: Using upbeat music, vibrant colors, and captivating video allowed me to clearly illustrate the main areas we were focusing on, and the website

Project: :15 sec Promo for BetterTV Top Dog Contest

Challenge: We wanted to boost traffic to our website and social media platforms each month

Solution: By creating challenges (this one was focused on pets, others were diy home makeovers, creative recipes, best travel destination, etc) we were able to increase page visits and interaction dramatically. We continued these challenges quarterly and awarded prizes from our corporate portfolio (subscriptions to Better Homes & Gardens, Ladies’ Home Journal, MORE, Real Simple and other magazines we owned) for cross promotion.

Project: :30 sec Promo for KPHO CBS 5

Challenge: To create an awesome image spot to air during the Super Bowl

Solution: We decided to have some fun with this spot (ie…cut to me hanging out of a helicopter filming our news chopper flying through downtown Phoenix!), and I tried to create interesting transitions between shots, and experiment with keyframing. This entire spot was done by hand, and I am grateful to have been awarded an Emmy Award for this.