Art has been the one passion that has been present with me my whole life, and my path in this life has followed the cultivation of that passion. I began my career in television and fell in love with the ability of designing over time while incorporating video, music, and text to better help convey the feelings and spirit of my designs.

When the recession of 2009 hit, I took that opportunity to reinvent myself and pursue another love…yoga! As the owner of two yoga studios I was able to incorporate my web, print, and motion design skills to help promote my studios into two of the best studios in the Northwest.

I fulfilled a dream to work for myself, and use my skills to travel the world sharing these adventures with viewers through my show, ‘Explore & Exhale’. As wonderful as that was, I was missing the collaboration that comes with working with a creative team and I am now on the lookout for a company where I can bring my varied skill set to and continue to grow as a designer, and as an artist.