As Creative Director for my clients, I am able to use my many years of experience to express the vision they have of their business to the world. I am able to use the many tools I have learned over the years to come up with creative and unique solutions to the challenges their business has faced. I am also able to guide them and offer advise from experiences that have worked for me in the past. I employ a holistic approach, examining their business from many different angles which helps deliver a high-end, cohesive message to the public.

Client: Explore & Exhale TV Show

Challenge: To develop a show that would eventually get picked up and aired on a major network.

Solution: This project is extremely close to my heart, and it was a beautiful process to fall back on my skills and experience to build this entire show from conception to completion! I directed all areas of this project since it was a one man show! I arranged travel all around the world, booked people to interview, filmed, edited, produced, hosted, and created all the graphics for this. It is a pleasure to witness a dream become reality in a process like this.

To learn more about the show, click here.

Client: Phil Quinn | Medium • Life Guide

Challenge: To illustrate Phil’s brand while reinforcing trust, compassion and support.

Solution: I designed Phil’s first website back in 2001 through iWed! When he decided to really want to grow his business and reach people on a global scale, he reached out to me. I created a YouTube channel for him to post his weekly talks which now have 11K+ subscribers, and over 100,000 video views. With the addition of the new website and booking portal I built for him, the social media promotions, and upcoming events…he has increased his revenue by 50% in one year!